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  • The new frontier of catering Made up of a single 3 mm thick stainless steel plate

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Clocatering is the system that many, the most important manufacturers of catering equipment, have chosen to be closer to their customers, to talk and think in their language, to provide the fastest and most comprehensive service and support.
Based on experience and professionalism, as transmitted by the founder that has been successfully operating in the field for over 30 years, Clocatering now counts on a large organized group of collaborators located in the different areas, playing for the represented companies the function of the Export Manager with the goal to develop the presence of the brands and the promotion of the products to the best results.

However, Clocatering does not replace the manufacturer ... everything is decided by mutual agreement between Clocatering staff, who knows in detail the countries, the customers and the markets' situation, and the manufacturer's executives, who know their company targets and the available resources.

For each sector in which Clocatering works (Catering equipment, Furniture, Components and Services) you will find general information about the represented companies and their products, besides specific information and technical documentation, translated by Clocatering staff into your own language to help you taking the most out of the proposed machines and equipment.

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We participate in Artoza 2023

We participate again this year in the Artoza 2023 exhibition, representing some of the largest companies in the field of professional catering.

We would be delighted to meet you in person and discuss their top products and our excellent service.


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NOW is multifunctional: from -40°C to +85°C inside the chamber, it integrates numerous functions in a small space together with countless programs designed to simplify life in the kitchen 1. Blast chilling at +3°C 2. Blast freezing at -18°C 3. Controlled defrosting 4. Slow cooking 5. Temperature holding 6. Leavening and retarder proving 7. Positive and negative storage

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Luxor is not only extraordinarily beautiful and elegant, but it is also extremely flexible. With the new wine accessory you’ll be able to set up your Luxor New Style by choosing the number of shelves and the display mode you’ll need for bottles: vertical, horizontal or mixed. The Luxor may contain up to a maximum of 84 wine bottles (ø 80 mm) vertically on three shelves.

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Venix - The new range and catalogues

Venix presents the new catalogues illustrating the vast range of products from Gastronomy ovens, Bakery & Pastry range, Gas ovens, proofers and Blast Chillers. Capacities for gastronomy from 5 to 40 trays GN 1/1 and for Pastry from 5 to 16 trays 600x400mm. Blast chillers from 3 to 10 trays, proofers, stands, trays, condensation hoods, and various accessories for efficient use and requirements.

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The new catalogues of Fimar Group

Fimar group celebrates 40 years of life with many novelties and all important ones: • The new manufacturing and logistic areas occupy over 30,000 square meters. • 5 new catalogues present the new range divided into 5 different brands • Over 6,000 codes in total presented in the catalogues • Over 900 pages in total To receive the catalogues, just request the link to info@clocatering.comTo receive the catalogues, just request the link to info@clocatering.com

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Wery – Revives the historical brand of Mareno group

The historic Brand WERY which in the last century marked the release of the first Snack series of Mareno group comes back to life and reappears also in Greece thanks to the initiative of Ottimo Catering that presents it on the market. The new Wery line is complete with the traditional Modular cooking line: snack 600, series 700, series 900 and big professional 1100 series. The range is completed by the new automatic fryers and by the possibility of manufacturing customized kitchen blocks with hygienic top according to the customer's needs and workspace.

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More from Xenia 2017

Extensive presentation of Forcar products at the Clocatering stand at the Xenia fair in November. In the picture the new display case for confectionery, of great capacity and visibility. Very interesting, for this showcase as for all Forcar products, the quality-price ratio

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The new frontier of catering

The new hygienic tops for large kitchens are the latest revolution in the cooking system sector. We were accustomed to quality but this system solves the problem of hygiene, robustness and also the aesthetic one because the cooking surface is made up of a single 3 mm thick stainless steel plate. Of course it can be designed according to the requests of any customer.

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HORECA 2017, Tirana

From 3 to 5 March 2017 we are looking forward to meeting you at the HORECA trade show in 2017 in Tirana.
We are going to present the products and innovations of the world's leading Italian companies in the catering equipment industry

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Join us in Athens Sofitel 2017 Meeting

Faithful to its appointment for the 2017 Clocatering will organize the usual exhibition of Italian manufacturers of catering equipment. The 4th Athens meeting will be held on February 10 to 13 in the Sofitel Hotel Meeting airport. Among the new features that characterize this edition will be the new pizza ovens of the company Italforni of Pesaro (Italy) and the new self-services lines of Art Serf of Treviso.

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Italforni Oven

Italforni specializes in providing the latest technology in both electric and gas-fired ovens. The company, with thirty years experience, offers an exclusively craftsmanship, meticulous attention to every detail. The production is divided into a range of models for the industry Pizzeria, Rotisserie and pastries, but also in advanced achievements of pottery kilns, porcelain kilns, glass bending furnaces. Never before has it been so easy to obtain a stone hearth bake with the automation of a conveyor oven.

When you purchase an ITALFORNI oven you add unique ingredients to your work: Performance, Reliability, Design


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March 27th in Fier ( Albania )

On March 27th in Fier ( Albania ) Clocatering are opening the new seat which will become the developing center of their catering activities in the Balkan area.
The new seat will be introduced to State and regional authorities to whom the various activities to be carried on at the new headquarters will be illustrated.

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IMQ Prima

IMQ Prima control are opening their new certification laboratory in Fier at the Clocatering seat . The IMQ laboratory will be at the disposal of local companies for quality and safety certifications ( CE, ISO, IQ NET etc. ) and help catering equipment manufacturers to develop their projects.

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SPM's revolution in the SOFT ice-cream market

We are pleased to present you a novelty from SPM that introduces a revolutionary solution for the production of SOFT ice-cream.

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